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Davidlawrence 4 days ago


Where has this dish been hiding all my life? Oh...I know...the next column over from all the other things I crave when I go there. Obviously, I stop at the Asian Stir Fry (chicken, kelp noodles please) or on the Specials menu for something yummy there. It's pretty unfair to all the Italian restaurants in the area that you make a much better Chicken Pomodoro than they do. Must be why I see their chefs in your restaurant when they want something delicious. And once again, I want to seriously thank you for two things: 1. The profound attention you pay to food allergies. My girlfriend and I make Hugo's our second kitchen because I know she's safe to eat there, 100% of the time and without any doubt as to your food safety expertise. 2. The servers. Oh. My. God. Nate. And Sam. And Sara. And Luke. And David. And Hailey. And Darby. And Stephen. And Jeff. And, of course, Donya. It's totally a joy to go there, knowing we're going to get great food, great service and happily pay for the privilege. If you're reading this and you got this far, what the hell are you doing still reading this? Go to Hugo's already!

Rachelleighfreeman 6 days ago


As a gluten free vegan, I swear by these sticky buns. They are not only dessert, but but breakfast or a fun mid afternoon snack!!!

Betsyflanagan 11 days ago


AMAZING chocolate chip pancakes that are gluten free AND dairy free! They are simply divine. When I went gluten and dairy free in 2009, I was so sad to leave behind so many of my favorite foods. Hugo's has made it possible to enjoy many of those again. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Hugo's and can't say enough good things about it. I tell everyone to go - especially if they have any food allergies or are interested in healthy eating. Hugo's has done a great job of creating a casual, comfortable, friendly atmosphere with food that is delicious and healthy.

Davis99davis02 20 days ago


Best french toast ever and it's gluten-free!

Cristycerqueda26 27 days ago


Best hmm

Thecwolf 30 days ago


A friend and I had a lovely meal at Hugo's on Monday night. The West Hollywood location is my favorite place to bring a date (friends, business, even my mom) because of the extensive menu. I've loved everything I've ever tried here, and the gluten-free vegan options guarantee there is always something for everyone. The service has gotten better and better. We were helped by two different servers - it felt like we were being waited on hand and foot. Love Hugo's, always!! Thanks for all the delicious meals.

Epuglia about 1 month ago


Such a scrumptious salad — the chicken was cooked perfectly, I loved the pieces of fresh avocado strewn about, and the caesar dressing complemented the flavor. Great serving size too, can definitely eat for two meals because of how filling it is. Would definitely recommend!

Hayligold about 2 months ago


I was a little nervous trying the chilaquiles because I didn't want something too heavy but I also was pretty hungry. Luckily for me, these were the perfect amount of food! They were also super flavorful and delicious. I will definitely be back to Hugo's

Heathertrappler about 2 months ago


I have been coming to hugos for over ten years now...when we moved into the neighborhood and i was pregnant with our daughter i had my husband making runs from hugos to the hospital. Fast forward over a decade and i just love how i can bring anyone here to eat.. vegan, check..GF check, meat eater check...i love the standards and consistency here and the staff make you feel like family. Hugos, we love you!

Laurentg 2 months ago


The best breakfast in the valley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghe3618 2 months ago


There were so many wonderful choices on the menu, especially for people that have dietary restrictions. I personally don't have restrictions, except to watch my carbohydrate intake, as I am diabetic. I chose the Very Green Casserole because I like trying something unique when I am at a restaurant for the 1st time. It was amazing! My dinner companions were surprised when I ate the whole thing, as I usually take 1/2 of my meal home at other restaurants. The casserole was to die for! The 3 of us could not decide on 1 dessert to share, so we ordered 2, the sticky buns & mixed berry cobbler. They were the perfect end to a perfect meal.

Danny 4 months ago



Leangreennetwork 7 months ago


My new favorite

Rakesh Debbie 9 months ago


Something sticky & yummy that's gluten free is a rarity! Of course I can't eat the whole thing, had to take some home. 😎

Katie 9 months ago


Tried this on GF bread and it was absolutely delicious! The flavor combination created a party in my mouth. Highly recommend it.

Aestaeben 5 days ago


The vegan mac and cheese was delicious!! And I say that as a vegetarian who has never liked any type of vegan cheese before. Every ingredient was delicious. I really liked the sauce, and the peas, mushrooms, and onions added great flavor and texture (and similarly, I rarely like onions). I got grilled tofu as an add-on and highly recommend it. I was visiting LA from Virginia, and I actually brought my leftovers back to VA so I could share them with my mom and brother, who are vegan. They also really enjoyed it. We wish there was a Hugo's in the DC area! Next time I'm in LA, I will definitely go back.

Rachelleighfreeman 6 days ago


I absolutely love the chilaquiles. I'm a vegetarian, and get it with tofu. So delicious!!

Gtorr004 19 days ago


Delicious food! My wife and I went for the pasta Papa and also ended up getting Los Nachos and the cinnamon swirl French toast. Great breakfast and lunch options and very allergy-friendly.

Ahendrick3 23 days ago


I love everything I've ever had at Hugo's, but this mac and cheese is the best!! It's impossible to get it gluten free anywhere except from a box, which makes it even more amazing to get it here. And it's incredibly delicious and decadent. One of my other friends with Celiac and I always at least split an order even if we're getting something else, haha.

Pfishback 28 days ago


I can't believe the chocolate chip pancakes are Vegan! They taste better than regular pancakes and I was beyond ecstatic that I FINALLY found a restaurant that I could order pancakes and fresh toast at for my son who is allergic to eggs! Almost too good to be true!! This is by far our new favorite place - thank you Hugo!

Bethnintzel about 1 month ago


Hugos is my burger spot. I have a bunch of food allergies and they are kind, compassionate, and cater to people like me. The burgers are big and juicy and so good! I had it with the gluten free flatbread, bacon, vegan cheese, and avocado. I legit don't know why people get burgers anywhere else.

Staceyrae11 about 1 month ago


This is one of the most delicious salads I have ever eaten. I love the unique combinations of flavors. You have fresh greens and crunchy seeds and dried fruits. The dressing is so tasty. Yum

Tess about 2 months ago


Asian stir fry with kelp noodles is a wonderful dish. It's super healthy but still filling & I always feel good after eating it.

Jbseminars about 2 months ago


Absolutely the greatest Carbonara, I've ever had. Super staff and great atmosphere. I give Hugo's the highest recommendation- John Glenn, SC CA

Suzanne 2 months ago


I've been dining at Hugo's for many years, so the Desayuno Fuerte is just one of many dishes that I love. It is a veritable foodgasm! An explosion of flavor and color, so satisfying, so healthy, so delicious. As a stage 4 cancer thriver, organic ingredients are extremely important to me, but this is healthy food that also tastes decadently divine. I also love the Veggie Mac & Cheese, the Quinoa Beet Salad, and the Green Juice. And the wait staff is friendly, kind, and remembers who I am, so it's like walking into Cheers. I am so grateful for Hugo's!

Kfletcher65 3 months ago


Delicious wine butter sauce with perfectly cooked chicken marvelously blended with succulent cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and spinach. I paired it with steamed vegetables. I highly recommend this dish.

Guest 6 months ago


The photo doesn't do it justice. This dish is delicious!

Guest 7 months ago


Breakfast Salad? Better than you'd think. Really loved this unique breakfast dish.

Kathy 9 months ago


Waitress recommended was so good. Tons of flavor.