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Innerlightholistic 1 day ago


This is my absolute favorite restaurant. I live in San Diego now and keep hoping and praying they'll open a Hugo's here, because when I lived in LA, I ate food from here almost daily. I crave it all the time and my boyfriend and I were just drooling over the menu, thinking of coming up for the day soon just to eat at Hugo's. I am absolutely in love with everything I've tried. My favorite thing is the Cuban sandwich with chicken. The honey-chipotle sauce, plantains and goat cheese really elevate this dish! It's phenomenal and like nothing you've ever had! I even get it with the gluten-free flatbread and you CANNOT TELL it's gluten-free. It has a buttery taste and a delicious texture that I've never found in gluten-free breads. It makes eating with dietary restrictions a piece of cake, honestly. We have nothing like this in my area of San Diego, and I have never had a restaurant I loved more. I also love their turkey bacon, healthy pancakes, create-a-plates, and their sauces. Just unbelievably good. You can eat healthy and have something of quality that doesn't skimp on taste. The flavors are just awesome. I must also recommend their teas/drinks/smoothies to any tea or healthy beverage aficionado...It was here 12 years ago that I learned about flowering teas, and discovered the magic of watching them unfold in the little tea press that they bring to your table. Amazing! Their selection of teas is top-notch and of the most amazing quality. Love the yogi smoothie, as well. The ginger in there makes it magical to drink. Everything is healthy, delicious, fresh, well-prepared, thoughtful, unique and nourishing. I miss Hugo's so much. We may just drive up tomorrow to grab a bite or two. Also, please open up down here. :) San Diego needs you. If I move back (hoping to), I'll be a regular patron again, undoubtedly. Love this place a ton! After all of the restaurant adventures I've had, it is still #1 in my book. Plus, I'm seeing on here that you have oolong nog and a blueberry-lavender bellini?! Cannot wait to try! Yum! Thank you guys!-Brit

Samanthaculp 23 days ago


The Cuban Bowl is always what I'm craving ‚ÄĒ so delicious it's easy to forget it's actually healthy. The perfectly spiced chicken, rice, greens and plantains are addictive. Recently when I thought I was coming down with a cold, I got a Cuban Bowl and it restored me immediately.

Theater 25 days ago


Delicious food. It is wonderful to have so many vegan and gluten-free foods! And there are many choices for our non-vegan friends to enjoy. (Can you say mac and cheese) We love the dog friendly outdoor seating. PS. Save room for dessert!

Veganm0nster about 1 month ago


Very tasty! And vegan and gf by default-- amazing! Definitely recommend! I was full after just one (yay leftovers!). =]

Xochitl about 1 month ago


Excellent fried pickles! Perfectly fried, great batter and not overly salty. I call them 'frickles' and these were delicious!

Duncan about 2 months ago


I love Hugo's because I must eat Gluten Free and their items are so clearly marked GF that it makes choosing easy. Also, the waiting staff know to ask if my diet is choice or medical and that is so re-assuring. In my case it is medical and so they totally understand about cross contamination. This makes my dining experience so much more relaxing because I do not need to worry about the food not being suitable for me. I am from Scotland and I make a point of dining at Hugo's in West Hollywood whenever I am on holiday there. Thank you Hugo's for being a truly superb GF-friendly restaurant

Aram 2 months ago


I like this dish.

Lyninlondon 2 months ago


The first time I came was last weekend and I told Jeff I had cancer and needed to take food home to fatten up for my chemo. He was a star and treated me very respectfully. Today I am grateful to afford to visit Hugo's again, the day before chemo 'to fatten the pig', and I am treated with great respect by Antonio, a gentleman, and I will weekly continue to have Hugo's treats as long as I can. Hugo's lunch or dinner is next. Superb food and excellent service.

Leangreennetwork 2 months ago

Hush Puppies

Glad they brought these back for a 2nd month! I loved it.

Samfeder7 3 months ago


I come across town every week just for the very green casserole! It's the most flavorful dish I've had in a long time! You can keep it all veggie or substitute with turkey or beef. Get all your greens and top with delicious/nutritious cheese.

Erica 3 months ago


This is my absolute favorite dinner dish! It is so healthy and flavorful! have been ordering this for several years and I never get bored of it. I ate it almost every night during the last two months of my pregnancy. I like to add a side of quinoa to absorb all the beautiful sauce, and sometimes I add extra spinach to absorb the sauce. My husband loves it too!

Barajas 3 months ago


can't say enough about it delicious!

Erikaabbottpoet 3 months ago


I like this a lot. Not only for breakfast but dinner too.

Chase 3 months ago


I live right down the road from the West Hollywood location, so Hugo's is my go-to when I don't feel like cooking. Everything I've ordered from Hugo's has always been amazing, but I especially like the BBQ Turkey Sandwich, made as a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla. I also love the Cuban Sandwich. Definitely recommend!

Girlstar33 3 months ago

Hush Puppies

My favorite!!! Hoping they stay on the menu.

Stephanie 3 months ago


Obsessed with the fried pickles! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 years ago and this is the only place I can find these. This was one of my fave treat prior to my diagnosis..being able to have them, safely, is amazing. Shout out to the sticky buns and cuban sandwich, as well!

Valbo2154 4 months ago


Amazing pancakes! Such happy tasting experience ! A great mixture of delightful spices with strawberries to to top it off!!! Hugo's! Please come to Phoenix!!!

Dahliaseed03 4 months ago


These are by far the best pancakes I can get that meet all of my dietary restrictions. I've been coming here for many years and love the food and service.

Elizabeth 4 months ago


These pancakes were incredible! I thought they honestly were the best I've ever had in my life. Def will be enjoying many more pancake days! Also I tried the brownie torte with the strawberries. Again absolutely delicious!! A must try as well. Every bite was so scrumptious, enjoyed every bite. I have many more dishes to try and have already become an all time favorite fan of this wonderful restaurant.

Kaileygodoyvey 4 months ago


The best blueberry pancakes I've ever had. Truly.

Sardana 4 days ago


Great for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Never disappoints!!

Dustinmcash 24 days ago


so good and I love that you can tailor them just how you like them!

Sharonszhang 26 days ago


My friend's favorite dish! Yes it's everywhere but the conscious eating element, it's like someone blessed the food. I don't even like spice. Or onions. Or eggs. Yet I was scraping it off his plate. We have boundaries now.

Xochitl about 1 month ago


I love spicy food and though this was not extremely spicy, it did have great flavor and definite spice. Well fried. Would happily order again.

Threehalf about 2 months ago


I live in the neighborhood, and Hugo's is my go-to place. You can't go wrong with their green soup, turkey meatloaf, mixed vegetables, chocolate mousse , and a cocktail. I take all my friends there. The staff is friendly. You can eat outside or inside. Every meal has been excellent. And the tables are a comfortable distance from each other, so that you can enjoy conversations. The place is always filled, and the food is always great. I even order sometimes from Grubhub.

Claudb4177 about 2 months ago


My favorite! Real, fresh berries, bananas and raisins...with just a little sweetness...I get mine with almond milk for a perfect, healthy filling vegan breakfast.

Alonyah0808 2 months ago


I just need to sat thank you for making amazing healthy food we all no the food ,music bring people together! (we need to specially remember that more now more then ever with the worlds devices rhetoric.) and I like to say restaurant can be on the good side of bringing people together all different people... so thank for not only be a part of bringing all beautiful in different people together but letting us be apart of your good art in food healthy food best , Alonya!!!!

Jennapristas 2 months ago


Not only are these pancakes healthy and gluten-free, they are delicious! They aren't too sweet, and are full of protein, so they are very filling. Definitely a brunch staple for me!

V 3 months ago


We LOVE some Hugo's both Studio City and WeHo locations. We REALLY want one in Del Rey/Culver City area! Please open on the westside. Food is healthy and delicious. So many options to choose from for breakfast lunch dinner and desert! Their juices, lemonades, teas and coffee are also high quality. Vegan Mac N Cheese, chicken soup, pancakes, specials and their deserts OMG they are incredible. We need more Hugo's locations!!!

Mileendkicks 3 months ago

Mary's Herb Roasted Chicken

I went into Hugo's and had a meal with no expectations. We were quite hungry and needed a good meal after a long flight from Montreal. My first visit to Hugo's has made me a true believer in freshshly made Roasted Chicken! The mixture of the fresh arugala salad was incredible. I did not want this meal to end! This dish was so fresh and delicious and tasty I will definitely be going back to Hugo's soon! Hugo's is a must visit during any trip to the LA area. Thanks Sam Paps

Earthampersandink 3 months ago


A friend and I went to Hugo's for lunch and split the cauliflower pakora appetizer. It was so good we had a hard time tearing ourselves away from it and moving on to our main meal. The dipping sauce was perfect. The cauliflower had just the right amount of breading. complimenting the vegetable without overtaking it. The sauce I probably could have eaten by the tablespoonful, but it was perfect with the cauliflower, enhancing it without overwhelming it. It was the perfect start to the meal.

Erikaabbottpoet 3 months ago


Love the pancakes ūüíē

Lexi 3 months ago


Honestly the most iconic pancakes I've ever had. They're so dense and packed with flavor while also maintaining a fluffy texture! Hugo's makes the best pancakes. You cannot go wrong with these!

Browncottonmouth 3 months ago


It was magnificent. The chipotle sauce just perfect and with a side if tu metic rice. You can't do better! Thanks you

Marissa 3 months ago


EXTRA CHEESE SAUCE. That's my go to, and that's what makes it HUGO's NACHOS. The sauce is perfect and delicious and vegan! I appreciate all that Hugo's does to accommodate specific diets. The nachos are great for an appetizer but you'll probably end up eating them all yourself.

Akkajemo 4 months ago

Hush Puppies

The hush puppies are so delicious - they really ought to be a menu fixture rather than a limited time special.

Hgirlrice 4 months ago


I've been coming to Hugo's for over a decade and always get the Pasta Mama. Love that I can still get my favorite dish now that I'm vegan, and it tastes just as good with tofu instead of egg. Perfect dish for any meal and any weather

Juliangonzalez91 4 months ago


As someone with a gluten allergy, it is hard to find a great gluten free sandwich that actually tastes good. The Cuban sandwich on the gluten free rye bread is heaven. The combination of the creamy goat cheese and the savory fried plantains with the grilled chicken breast and sweet grilled onions is truly the best go-to for a quick midday pick me up. Paired with a side of their season fries. What could be better?

Guest 4 months ago


love this dish


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