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Entrees - Dinner



The plate is served with separate sides and sauce on the side, the bowl is served mixed together. 
Side Choices:
Sauteed Leafy Greens / Roasted Yams & Sweet Potatoes / Broccolini & Garlic / Green Beans & Garlic / Garlic Spinach / Fingerling Potatoes / Garbanzos & Broccolini / Roasted Rosemary Potatoes / Vegetable Medley / Tomato Chipotle Black Beans / Organic Brown Rice / Organic Turmeric Basmati Rice/ Organic Golden Quinoa / House Salad / Caesar Salad / Fried Plantains / Cooked Beets / Cup of Soup / Organic Mashed Potatoes / Steamed Broccoli / Coleslaw
Sauce Choices:
Mushroom Herb Gravy / Marinara / Roasted Tomato Chipotle / Honey Chipotle / Pico de Gallo / BBQ Sauce / Cashew Cream / Sundried Tomato Pesto / Any Salad Dressing

Add New American Veggie Patty +$7.50Add Organic Grilled Tofu +$6Add Angus Beef Patty +$7.50Add Turkey Burger Patty +$7.50Add Vegan Chicken Patty +$6Add Sliced Turkey +$6.75Add Turkey Loaf +$7.25Add Sliced Avocado +$2.75Add Natural Chicken (5oz) +$6Add Organic Chicken (5oz) +$8Add Salmon (6oz) +$12Add Turkey Balls (2) +$4Add Veggie Balls (2) +$4

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