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Breakfast - Our Morning Menu
West Hollywood

Sweet Potato Hash


A savory hash of sweet potatoes, bacon, green onions, red bell pepper, tomato chipotle sauce, cumin, paprika, and garlic powder. Served with an egg on top. (We recommend sunny side up!) Have it with JUST Egg and veggie bacon for a vegan experience. Gluten-free. Can be vegan or vegetarian.

How To Cook Eggs:Scrambled Scrambled Easy Scrambled Well Sunny Side Up Poached Easy Poached Medium Poached Well Over Easy Over Medium Over Well As Omelette No Egg Sub Tofu No Egg Sub Crumbled Tofu No Egg Sub Whites +$3No Egg Sub JUST Egg +$3Cooked Dry Cook in Butter Cook in Olive Oil
Sweet Potato Hash Options:Add 1 Egg +$1No Bacon No Bacon Sub Veg Bacon No Bacon Sub Turkey Bacon No Onions No Red Pepper No Seasoning No Scallions No Egg No Egg Sub Whites +$3No Egg Sub Tofu No Egg Sub JUST Egg +$3
Add Extra Protein:Add Chicken Grilled +$8Add Chicken Plain +$8Add Chicken Organic +$11Add Organic Fried Chicken +$14Add Tofu Grilled +$8Add Tofu Plain +$8Add 2 Whites +$4Add 4 Whites +$6Add 6 Whites +$8Add Canadian Bacon +$3.50Add JUST Egg +$4Add Pork Bacon +$4Add Salmon +$18Add Turkey Bacon +$3.50Add Turkey Loaf (slice) +$6Add Turkey Patty +$10Add Turkey Sausage +$8Add Vegan Chx Patty +$8Add Vegan Salami +$6Add Veggie Bacon +$3.50Add Veggie Patty +$9
Add Cheese:Add Cheddar Add Mozzarella Add Veg Mozz +$2Add Goat +$2.50Add Gorgonzola Add Parmesan
With Pancake?:Side 1 Pumpkin Cake +$3
With Pancake Options:Organic Maple Syrup Organic Spiced Syrup Cinnamon Syrup Pecan Cinn Syrup +$1Chocolate Syrup Honey No Syrup Side Butter Side Vegan Butter