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West Hollywood

Pork Chop & Mashed Yams


Frenched bone-in pork chop marinated in brown sugar and topped with roasted apples. Served on a bed of mashed yams with a sprig of fresh thyme. Gluten-free.

Pork Chop Options:No Apple No Thyme Sprig No Yams, Sub Mashed Potato No Yams, Sub Brown Rice No Yams, Sub Quinoa
Add Sauce:Add Avocado Jalapeno Add BBQ +$1Add Cashew Cream Add Cranberry Add Gravy Add Guacamole +$2Add Honey Chipotle Add Hot Sauce Add Marinara Add Pesto Add Pico de Gallo Add Sesame Chili Add Tomato Chipotle Add Mayo (Regular) Add Mayo (Vegan Santa Fe) +$1Add Mayo (Vegan Pepper) +$1