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West Hollywood

Pork Chop & Mashed Potatoes


Frenched bone-in pork chop marinated in brown sugar and topped with roasted apples. Served on a bed of mashed yams with a sprig of fresh thyme. Gluten-free.

Pork Chop Options:No Garlic No Tomato No Thyme Sprig No Mashed Pot., Sub Brown Rice No Mashed Pot,. Sub Roasted Potatoes No Mashed Pot,. Sub Quinoa No Mashed Pot., Sub Turmeric Rice
Add Sauce:Add Avocado Jalapeno Add BBQ +$1Add Cashew Cream Add Gravy Add Guacamole +$2Add Honey Chipotle Add Hot Sauce Add Marinara Add Pesto Add Pico de Gallo Add Sesame Chili Add Tomato Chipotle Add Vegan Hollandaise Add Mayo (Regular) Add Mayo (Vegan Santa Fe) +$1Add Mayo (Vegan Pepper) +$1