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Studio City

Pesto Wrap Tray


Order 2 hours in advance. Natural chicken, organic tofu, or turkey meatloaf with melted mozzarella, pesto, tomato, grilled red onions, mixed greens, and pepper mayo. Can be vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. Pesto contains pine nuts. Twelve pieces.

Pesto Wrap Protein Choice:Grilled Chicken Grilled Tofu Turkey Loaf Organic Chicken +$20
Catering Wrap Choice:Whole Wheat (v) Spinach Tortilla (v) GF Tortillas (v gf) +$12
Pesto Wrap Options:No Mozzarella No Mozz Sub Vegan Mozzarella No Mozz Sub Cheddar No Tomato No Red Onions No Pepper Mayo Sub Sante Fe Mayo Sub Mayo (Reg)