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West Hollywood

Kale Noodle Salad


Grilled chicken breast or marinated organic tofu, organic kale, organic carrots, jicama, cucumber, green onions, and kelp noodles. Tossed in a ginger soy dressing and topped with toasted pistachios. Gluten-free. Can be vegan or vegetarian. Contains Nuts.

Dressing:Balsamic 4oz BBQ-Ranch 4oz Caesar 4oz Ginger Soy 4oz Ranch 4oz Sesame 4oz Sesame-Chili 2oz Sherry Vinaigrette 4oz No Dressing
Choose A Protein:Chicken Chicken (Plain) Organic Chicken +$4Organic Fried Chicken +$8Grilled Tofu Tofu Burger Patty +$6No Protein Pork Bacon Salmon +$10Turkey Bacon Turkey Loaf (slice) Turkey Patty +$4Veggie Bacon Veggie Patty +$3
Extra Dressing?:Extra Balsamic 2oz Extra BBQ-Ranch 2oz Extra Caesar 2oz Extra Ginger-Soy 2oz Extra Ranch 2oz Extra Sesame 2oz Extra Sherry Vinaigrette 2oz Extra Sesame-Chili 2oz
Salad Services:Splits? +$1Add Croutons DOS No Dressing Chopped Tossed Serve First
Kale Noodle Salad Options:No Carrots No Jicama No Cucumber No Scallions No Pistachios No Kale No Kale, Sub Romaine No Kale, Sub Mixed Greens
Add Extra Protein:Add Chicken Grilled +$6Add Chicken Plain +$6Add Chicken Organic +$10Add Organic Fried Chicken +$15Add Tofu Grilled +$6Add Tofu Plain +$6Add 2 Whites +$4Add 4 Whites +$6Add 6 Whites +$8Add Canadian Bacon +$3.50Add JUST Egg +$4Add Pork Bacon +$4Add Salmon +$22Add Turkey Bacon +$4Add Turkey Loaf (slice) +$6Add Turkey Patty +$10Add Turkey Sausage +$8Add Vegan Chx Patty +$8Add Vegan Salami +$6Add Veggie Bacon +$3.50Add Veggie Patty +$9
Add Cheese:Add Cheddar Add Mozzarella Add Veg Mozz +$2Add Goat +$2.50Add Gorgonzola Add Parmesan
Make It A Wrap? (Optional):Spinach Tortilla Wrap +$2Whole Wheat Wrap +$2Gluten-Free Tortilla +$3