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Create A Plate/Bowl - Our Morning Menu
Studio City

Create A Bowl

Design your own plate or bowl by choosing three Market Sides and a complimentary sauce to add to your meal. Sauces are mixed-in with the sides for a Bowl. Sides & Sauces are vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free unless otherwise noted.

Create A Bowl Choices:Beets +$6Organic Black Beans +$6Broccoli +$6Broccoli Carrot Cream Soup Cup +$6Broccolini & Garlic +$6Organic Brown Rice +$6Butternut Squash Cup Soup +$6Caesar Salad +$6Chicken & Rice Cup +$6French Fries +$6Garden Salad +$6Potato Salad +$6Organic Garlic Spinach +$6Organic Leafy Greens +$6Organic Mashed Potatoes +$6Mushrooms & Onions +$6Plantains +$6Organic Quinoa +$6Rosemary Potatoes +$6Veg Medley +$6Organic Turmeric Rice +$6Yams & Sweet Potatoes +$6
Create A Bowl Sauce Choice:No Sauce Avocado Jalapeno Balsamic BBQ Caesar Cashew Cream Sauce Ginger Soy Dressing Gravy On The Side Honey Chipotle Honey Mustard Horseradish Aioli Hot Sauce Marinara Mayo (Regular) Pepper Mayo Pesto Pico de Gallo Ranch Sante Fe Mayo Sesame Chili Sesame Dressing Sherry Vinaigrette Sour Cream Spicy Aioli Tomato Chipotle
Create A Plate/Bowl Proteins:Burger Patty - Well +$12Burger Patty - Med Well +$12Burger Patty - Medium +$12Burger Patty - Med Rare +$12Burger Patty - Rare +$12Grilled Chicken +$6Chicken (Plain) +$6Organic Chicken +$10Organic Fried Chicken +$15Crispy Chik'n Patty +$8Salmon Filet +$24Salmon Burger Patty +$10Tofu +$6Grilled Tofu +$6Turkey Loaf +$11Turkey Patty +$10Veggie Patty +$9Avocado +$3Flat Iron Steak 4oz - Well +$12Flat Iron Steak 4oz - Med Well +$12Flat Iron Steak 4oz - Medium +$12Flat Iron Steak 4oz - Med Rare +$12Flat Iron Steak 4oz - Rare +$12Flat Iron Steak 8oz - Well +$24Flat Iron Steak 8oz - Med Well +$24Flat Iron Steak 8oz - Medium +$24Flat Iron Steak 8oz - Med Rare +$24Flat Iron Steak 8oz - Rare +$24