A Career at Hugo's

At Hugo’s, we value service-minded individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about welcoming customers like guests in their own home.  We are community-driven restaurants that bring people together. Our food is the draw, but our team members working together create an extraordinary experience that brings our guests back again and again.

Like most great ideas, Hugo’s started way back in 1980 with a simple thought: create a kitchen producing original and wonderful foods found nowhere else and have a family of co-workers who cared for each other in a genuine way. Team members would experience support, respect and feelings of well-being that would be the true heart and soul - the inspiring element - of Hugo’s. With that simple goal in mind, people working at Hugo’s bonded in a way so obvious that anyone walking in the front door could feel it and share it.  This first group proclaimed themselves “Hugonauts.”

“I started my career at Hugo’s as a dishwasher when I was 17-years old and had just arrived in the US from Michoacan, Mexico. Working with founder Terry Kaplan, I discovered a passion for food, service, and educating others. Making food from the heart and caring for each other and our guests is what Hugo’s is all about.” – Nabor Diaz Prado, Chef de Cuisine

Hugo’s strives to foster a cooperative, rewarding atmosphere that provides ample opportunity for recognition, growth and advancement.  Working with us, you will be challenged, pushed to excel, and (hopefully) respond to the creative work environment.  We offer competitive pay, a variety of perks for hourly and part-time staff, and benefits including health insurance, paid vacation and more. 

If making healthier happier food choices, providing great service, and creating memorable experiences for guests is important to you, we encourage you to become a Hugonaut!

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